Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao

Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao

Jnana Prakasha, Vidya Visharada, Jnana Bhaskara, Veda Martanda, Valmiki Hrudayaprakasha, Sadhana Shankara, Pravachana Chakravarti, Advaitha Vachaspathi, Vishwakarma Prakasha

Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao

Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao is an eminent speaker, orator and a cultural torchbearer. A gifted communicator who speaks with immense precision and perpetual depth; He is a master in the analysis of Vedic texts, upanishads and Advaitha Siddhanta


After decades of study, penance, and sifting of the evidence, Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao has screened out the myth and exaggeration, leaving behind only truth. These classes are the results of his labours.

With his usual magic touch, he has turned the most complex, abstract, and difficult to understand concepts into bite-sized, simple lessons for the rest of us.


Vedas, Upanishads, and Siddhantas speak about how to live your life, but it is Shri Rama who showed what it means to truly walk the path; to stand on the side of Dharma - even as fate slowly took away everything that made his life worth living.

Be ready to be surprised time and time again as Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao takes you through this epic through his eyes - and you begin to realize how this mere story has lived on for countless years in countless forms, arguably becoming the greatest epic in The World.


Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao, being one of the brightest scholars of his generation, has received too many awards to count.

His (honourary) double doctorate, and the numerous titles he has won with his erudition barely scratch the surface. The mementos he has received to his favour number in the hundreds. Throughout his prolific career, he has won acclaim wherever he has stepped foot, and the outcome speaks for itself.