Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao


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Early childhood

Dr. Pavagada Prakash Rao was born in the Pavagada Taaluk of the Tumkur district. He was the first son of K. Nanjunda Rao, the elected Member of Representative Assembly for Pavagada. He was born under mysterious circumstances, and his birth was seemingly forecasted by Shri Shri Chandrashekhara Mahaswami (the head of the Shringeri Matha at the time)

A seemingly innocuous question regarding The Ramayana led him to a deeper study of the original scripture when he was 10 years old, and he was entranced by it. Kannada Sahitya continued to seduce him with it's allure and style - Kumara Vyasa, Lakshmisha, Raghavanka, Allama Prabu, among the rest - and he devoured the texts for several hours a day, every single day. It was during these years that he translated the entire Bhagawad Gita to Kannada.

Young Adult

He completed his M.A. in Kannada and Literature in Bangalore University, Karnataka. He secured the gold medal for Indian Poetics and Western Criticism.

He worked as a Kannada Language Lecturer in Sheshadripuram College, Bangalore; as a Kannada teacher in 'The Valley School'. He also polished his oratory skills by speaking at lectures outside of the college.

Later Years

He held the position of HOD, Reader of Kannada Language and Literature in SSMRV college, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore. It was during his position as an HOD that he completed his M.A. in Sanskrit, and a pre-PhD in Advaitha Philosophy.

He left his position to study law, and became one of the first persons to get an L.L.B in the Kannada Language from the Karnataka Bar Council. He practiced law as a criminal lawyer for a while. But he realized that though he could make money from the profession and be successful, this was not his true calling.

From 2003, he resumed his orations at functions and lectures, and also started his show 'Satyadarshana' on Chandana TV - a show that would become one of the signature pieces of the channel, running for over 1,000 episodes. He spoke about a variety of topics, all of which was something he had deeply studied, and he continues this to the current date.